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SAFI Company has confidently grown and developed with high resolve and determination as a natural response to market demand providing total project supply solutions and after sales technical services.

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Featured Projects

Al-Akaria Plaza

Duration: 01-11-2008
Client Name: Saudi Lebanese Construction Co.

STC Customer Service

Duration: 02-28-2009
Client Name: Saudi Telecom

King Abdullah University

Duration: 01-08-2009
Client Name: STL / Saudi Oger

Ministry of Water - Eastern Province

Duration: 01-31-2010
Client Name: Ministry of Water & Environment.

Princess Noura University

Duration: 11-30-2010
Client Name: Binladin Group (Advanced & Vision Co).

Criminal Court - Riyadh

Duration: 01-27-2011
Client Name: RDA/Saudi Lebanese Construction Co./STL

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